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Monday, 26 November 2012


Watching Christmas movies is one of the most popular traditions nowadays. Hollywood does its bit to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. There are probably over a hundred movies that revolve around the Christmas theme.

The Santa Clause

Year: 1994

Director:  John Pasquin
Writers:  Leo Benvenuti, Steve Rudnick
Stars:  Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold and Wendy Crewson

When a man inadvertantly kills Santa on Christmas Eve, he finds himself magically recruited to take his place.

Watch the movie and leave your mini-review in the commentary to score 3-5 points.

By the way ...
The film was followed by two sequels, 


  1. "The Santa Clause"(1994)
    I like this movie. Here, Tim Allen stars as Scott Calvin, the divorced father of Charlie. Scott is distressed, because his ex-wife Laura and Charlie's psychiatrist stepfather Neal have told his son that there is no Santa Claus. On Christmas Eve, Scott accidentally kills real Santa Clause. As a result, Scott becomes the new Santa and during the next year he rapidly gains weight, grows a white beard and meets the elf Bernard. However, Neal becomes concerned about Scott's sudden change in appearance and insistence that he's Santa, and he forces him to visit a psychiatrist. I think, “The Santa Clause” celebrates the magic of Christmas and reminds us of the children’s excitement during this holiday. I believe, this film also reminds people of all ages that this time of year is special. Tim Allen is superb and changes from Scrooged to his new role as Santa. And I also like Charlie, his performance and sincere belief in his father as Santa Clause makes the movie really touching and hearty. All in all, everyone should watch “The Santa Clause” to lift the spirit and joy of Christmas!

  2. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause(2006).An unnecessary third installment that is what it sets out to be, a money maker for Tim Allen and Disney in their creativity drained days. Martin Short and some visual sparkle get this film a star, but it should have been much better. And it still is so weird how well he gets along with his ex-wife and her husband and daughter. The family situation there is too unrealistic to even remotely resemble holiday cheer. The first film is rather better, I think.

  3. Oh! The Santa Claus is my favourite Christmas film, without any doubt! =)

    The Santa Clause is a film that celebrates the magic of Christmas, reminding adult viewers how exciting this time of year is for children.

    Scott Calvin is an overworked advertiser and divorced father who doesn't always fulfill his parental obligations despite the fact that he's no longer married. One ordinary Christmas Eve, he inadvertently frightens Santa Claus off of his rooftop. He puts on Santa's coat, but by doing so he unknowingly concedes to a contract in which he'll become the new, official Santa Claus. He's initially reluctant to take on the responsibility, but gradually and against his better judgment, he embraces the role and finds his own humanity in the process. Engaging story has an unusual but clever and intriguing premise, along with a good theme and likable performances.

    This film is really fantastic and magnificient, I can watch it over and over without stopping! =)

  4. I like this film because of the atmosphere of holiday and joy. It's very nice movie with a grear performance of actors. Espeсially I like Charlie and his acting.This movie is really special for me and my family. Every Christmas Eve we settle down to this just before going to bed. Christmas truly is the most magical and heartfelt time of the year!

  5. I really like this film, it is very pleasant. The plot is original, the script is fun. It is cute family Christmas movie, that way the whole family is in for a good time. The film is directed with careful precision, and the characters are likable, though I find the parents a tad too cliched and the film a tad too overly sentimental in places.

  6. The Santa Clause is definitely worth watching, if you haven't done it yet. This is a feel-good, funny and bright movie that you can watch over and over again. This film can be called a Christmas classic, it's a heartwarming family tale for both children and parents, the only thing that adults should take into account is that during the film, they keep telling that Santa isn't real, so that's why children may simply stop believing in Santa.

  7. Well, frankly speaking, during the time of days before the NY, my mind is just become soft with an anticipation of coming winter fairy tale, because this holiday is one of the most favorite holidays during the whole year. And then you just don't want to critically review the actions of different characters, be surprised by their mistakes and blame them for their behavior - you just want to enjoy what's going on at the moment of your watching on the screen. And this film can be added to this category of those movies where you just sit with your family or friends, you feel the breath of the next year, breathing snowy streets, bright illuminations in the city and at the first (Oh my God) - you have a chance to see more people walking in the streets, who smile. And of course, the film story is very kind and beatiful, Americans have always been able to touch the audience with some delicate mental states, which sometimes we have to hide in a harsh world. Besides, Tim Allen is a very talanted actor, and I also show my respect to Mr. Allen, because one of the heroes of animation film " Toy Story" has an interesting character, Buzz Lightyear, an astronaut action figure ( who was actually voiced by Tim Allen ).

  8. It is very pleasant film to watch. I like it because it is joyous and heartwarming. It is the perfect choice if you don’t know what kind of films to choose to watch with your family. The atmosphere which the actors create by means of their brilliant performance makes me to feel as about 7 year old girl waiting for a miracle… Thanks for the film, I had finally forget (for several hours) about any troubles I have in my life, just enjoying the viewing! There are so much miracles, enchantment that make you to believe in it, so you just can’t dislike this! Perhaps, the film is so attractive also because of its sincerity and purity. All in all, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in the Christmas miracle or not, just watch and I sure you, you will spend these hours with great pleasure!

  9. "The Santa Clause"(1994)

    I liked this movie ever since i was was funny and it made me think of who was Santa Clause, what was the miracle in the Cristmas...? Before the Christmas time I like to watch the films which connected with this wonderful time, full of surprises, fantasies, splendid things which particularly all people like and wait for. This is a bright film which creates the positive mood for me and I advise all of you to watch it!

  10. I think, to say that I liked the film is to say nothing! Since my childhood, I haven't believed in Santa Claus (Grandfather Frost), but, after watching the film, I wanted to believe, to plunge into the carefree and full of miracles childhood. When you believe in something, no matter how old you are, as it is important that you simply believe, without any proof. So children believe in Santa Claus, it is part of their childhood. And I don't quite understand why some parents are trying to instill a sense of reality in children. Let them believe in miracles, because sometimes they happen; as for example in the film, when Charlie sincerely believed in the Santa Claus' existence, he didn't need any proof, unlike his father, who believed in him only in words; but everything changed when the man himself became Santa Claus. So I think, parents should let children to believe in the one who brings them gifts, let a fairy tale to exist in their life; as children themselves will come to a conclusion whether Santa is real or not, just for someone it will be the "tragedy" and some will take it for granted.

  11. The Santa Clause is a very good and kind film that gives us a chance to believe in miracles. An ordinary man by accident became Santa Clause and together with his son they dove into the atmosphere in which the main character has stopped to believe since his childhood. The changes in his appearance made from him the real Santa who will appreciate good behavior of children with presents. I like “Santa Clause” greatly because of the Christmas atmosphere that I’m waiting for. It is a film for everyone and I recommend watching it especially before Christmas in order to feel that miracles can happen and the main character is a good example of it.

  12. This is undoubtedly a very nice film. After this film a thought has occurred to me that almost every person can become Santa Clause! I think it's wonderful, we need just believe and our life will be full of miracles. I liked the idea of the main hero that children don't believe in Santa Clause, they just know that he exists.

  13. Friends, in any case this film has been made to be seen not only by children, but also by older people.
    This film, like "The Scrooged", which each of us has to watch, gives us a chance to believe in miracles again and again. A miracle is waited by each of us once a year - at Christmas time.
    The main characters of the film, Scott Calvin and his son Charlie face the miracle one day and since that moment they have started to believe in magic things.
    Scott realizes that The Santa Claus exists. The father has a chance to understand that it's really hard to work like Santa does. There were times when Scott didn't believe in Santa and Christmas, but after he starts to complete the Santa Claus's mission, the father comes to know how it is difficult.
    From my point of view there are lots of ideas in this movie, but, to my mind, the main one is that even if you are old enough you are to believe in miracles because of your children. You can not broke their dreams. At the same time, miracles will do all their best to bring you to believe in them.
    In conclusion I would like to say that any children have their own Santa - it's their mother or father. That's why they, I mean relatives, should make a story tale once a year.

  14. 'Santa Clause' is a light and good film. A great family movie for adults and children with a good Christmas sense of humor. And also the atmosphere of the film gives an opportunity to plunge into childhood and to believe in a miracle.

    Such films are really needed in our time, when high technology are dominated. We've begun to forget that there is someone who can not be explained scientifically. The film "Santa Claus", reminds us of it. It was very nice to know that Santa is an ordinary person with his problems and hopes.

    After the viewing, it's impossible not to get Christmas mood!