Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, be plenteous in mercy is to have the real spirit of Christmas. Calvin Coolidge.

Monday, 19 November 2012


Watching Christmas movies is one of the most popular traditions nowadays. Hollywood does its bit to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. There are probably over a hundred movies that revolve around the Christmas theme.

Year: 1988
Director: Richard Donner
Starring: Bill Murray, Karen Allen, John Forsythe, John Glover, Bobcat Goldthwaite, Alfre Woodard, Robert Mitchum

There have been many spins on A Christmas Carol – but in movie terms at least this is the best. Ebeneezer Scrooge is transformed from cold-hearted businessman into yuppie TV exec, and made almost likeable despite his obnoxious behaviour by Bill Murray, on sardonic and sarcastic form. It's so good that we don’t even mind the fact that it finishes up with a singalong song. MVP, apart from Murray, goes to Carol Kane’s Ghost of Christmas Present, who has the delightful habit of hitting her charge with a toaster when necessary. And even when not.

Watch the movie and leave your mini-review in the commentary to score 3-5 points.


  1. Having watched the movie, I can say “Scrooged” is one of my favourite Christmas movies. This movie is another film adaptation of Ch. Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”. Bill Murray performs the role of television executive Frank Cross, the meanest and most selfish man on Earth. Thinking only of money and ratings, Frank spoils the classic plot of “Christmas Carol”, refuses to visit his brother’s Christmas dinner and fires a programming executive. Then, just on the Christmas Eve Frank is visited by Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future, who try to show him the error of his ways before it's too late. All in all, I really like this movie. Bill Murray performance is superb, and he is very believable as a television executive who has lost sight of the important things in his life, like family and friends. Bill Murray is so good in his role that now it's hard to imagine it working with anyone else in the lead role. Supporting actors, including Karen Allen also did their job well. Unlike classic “Christmas Carol” movies “Scrooged” is hilarious and easily creates a wonderful Christmas spirit. Besides, the makeup and special effects are also worthy of some mention, and I can say that the ghosts all look fantastic, moreover, they are really free and do a great job, particularly the abusive ghosts of Christmas present (Carol Kane). So, I can recommend this film to anyone; because “Scrooged” will make you laugh, and will certainly bring a little warmth into your Christmas season.

    1. It's the story about Christmas in New York City, and Frank Cross (Bill Murray), selfish, hardworking president of a mythical American TV network, observes Christmas Eve performance of Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol (the tale is called «Scrooge»). Thinking only of money and ratings, Frank vulgarizes the classic plot with showgirls and mice (based on a theory that cats are developing TV-watching habits), shrugging off a Christmas-dinner invite from his brother and firing the one programming executive who questions him. Then, in the evenings leading up to the big show, Frank is himself visited by real-life Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future, who try to show him the error of his ways before it's too late.
      As for my opinion, Scrooged is a fun comedy. This is along with Christ Vacation and Planes, Trains and Automobiles the best holiday film. Director Richard Donner directs a great cast here, and with a cast like this, it makes Scrooged a very good film. The film is one of the must see holiday films and with the antics of Bill Murray, your sure to be amused. Over the years, there have been countless holiday comedies, but very rarely do they succeed at being very funny, and entertaining. Scrooged on the other hand, though far from perfect, is a memorable film with plenty of jokes that are quite memorable. Scrooged may not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy Billy Murray, this is a film worth seeing. This is a good film that lots of great performances, and though it's imperfect, the film does manage at being nonetheless an entertaining holiday film that the entire family can enjoy. If you forgive its imperfection, you're sure going to enjoy Scrooged for what it is. I very much liked it and it one of the few holiday films that's pretty smart in its conception. The film uses a man's dark side for its gags, and it works well enough to make this worth watching.

  2. Well, from the title, you may realise that the premise of the film is quite similar to that of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’. You will be right in this assumption and well done to you. I may be a bit moody by the way, but I’m still reeling at the fact that I have to write more than ‘Bill Murray’. Seriously.

    So Bill plays the character Frank Cross, a high-flying TV executive, who’s working on the live adaptation of A Christmas Carol airing on Christmas Day. Frank is a cold hearted, mean bastard, out for only one thing, and that’s himself. This dark, sarcastic character is portrayed beautifully via Bill Murray’s scornful frown. Frank’s dead mentor gives him a visit and tells him to change his ways or he’ll die an unhappy man. To help him change he will be ‘visited by three ghost; The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and The Ghost of Christmas Future’.

    The Ghost of Christmas Past arrives in the form of a taxi driver.His face is feral, his laugh wild, and his cigar smoke blurring the view for when they suddenly travel to the past.The Ghost of Christmas Present (my favourite ghost) is a cute fairy girl who’s covered in glitter and seems to be high on some kind of hallucinogen.The Ghost of Christmas Future comes as a terrifying tall hooded spectrum. He is speechless, but forewarns with his silent presence. Lumpy, when brought back into the present day, ghost free, has a revelation. He doesn’t need to be cruel to get ahead in life. In fact, it’s easier to be nice and get ahead in life. That way you have the support of those who love you.

    From my point of view, this film is hilarious, fun and so beautiful. It’s everything you want in a Christmas film. All the disenfranchised characters are then brought together and ‘fixed’ with the Christmas spirit. You are left feeling satisified. I highly recommend this film to everybody! =)

  3. Christmas and New Year is coming soon and it creates the atmosphere of holidays and enchantment. This feeling was brought to its peak while the viewing this movie. I think that the film may be called the traditional Christmas film among “Home alone”, “The Irony of Fate” and others. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Christmas story about reform (or re-education probably) of the greedy and grumbling Scrooged. I like the movie for many reasons – its sincerity, child artlessness and the perfect actors performing. I also like the way the film director played up the Dickens’ story setting with entering of some special and funny features which has made the film so unique. For example, the eccentric taxi driver and the fairy who is the pugnacious girl are symbolized The Ghost of Christmas Past. I really like Bill Murray in the role of Frank Cross. You learn much about the Christmas, its traditions and the gist! Yes, the gist is found very seldom in today’s films about Christmas. Nowadays they consider Christmas only as holiday, not going into details and subtleties. Whose birth do we celebrate? It is shown only in this movie. It is caused by the fact of different muslim minorities now live in the USA and it may insult their feelings. (what’s joke!). Another thing I like is black humour and sometimes I just couldn’t make me stop laughing. The setting is very kind and didactic. Hope that everyone will get pleased by “Scrooged” and come to his own conclusions.

  4. I really enjoyed the film, although in the first half an hour I wanted to turn it off, because of Frank Cross' behavior as it freaked out, but then 'Scrooged' impressed me. In a fact in this film we can figure out several ideas, closely connected with each other. Firstly, it is the power of money; our hero was so absorbed in the TV, that there was only one thought - how to earn more, and he even didn't care how it would affect the others. That's why Frank was visited by three ghosts. The second idea is Christmas. The film made me believe that during Christmas or New Year, everything is possible (for example, as happened with Grace's son, when he finally began speaking), you only need to believe in it and to strive for changing your and other people lives, to make them happy!
    And of course it's impossible not to mention Bill Murray's acting, as it was perfect. His voice, intonation, facial expressions,and his behaviour in whole indicated that he got the feel of his role. I've also watched some more films with his participation (Groundhog Day, Ghost Busters) and can say that here he hasn't lost his ground.

  5. I think it is one of the best adaptations of “A Christmas Carol” and I really like it! Frank Cross, a selfish, rude and money-oriented man, whose behavior and attitudes to anyone or anything were absolutely unacceptable. And because of it, he was involved into the adventure by and with Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. They showed him the mistakes he had made and tried to show the right way. Bill Murray is an excellent actor and I believe that the role of Frank Cross is one of the best his performances. In my opinion, he brought to us right feelings and emotions towards his hero. After watching it the atmosphere of coming Christmas came to my mind and I am waiting for this magic time. This film is closely connected with Christmas, it is a very fun, interesting and magic one and I recommend everyone to watch “Scrooged”.

  6. Truly speaking I have never heard about "A Christmas Carol" of Charles Dickenson. That's why I can't compare the movie and the story. But I really enjoy this film.
    As all of us know, Christmas is a time when miracles take place. They can change our life, our behavior, ours souls and understanding of life.
    The example of the main character of the "Scrooged" - Mr. Frank Cross - shows us how a man can be changed. Mr. Cross used to be greedy for his blood brother, rude for his staff and the person who doesn't believe in Christmas at all.
    But under the influence of the four double-gangers who show him what he can be and what can be with all people who circle him. And only after that Franck changes himself.
    To my mind the main idea of the movie is that anybody, even the worst man on the Earth, may change himself at Christmas time or by Christmas.
    I absolutely agree with all my course mates that everyone should watch this film. It's fantastic, whith wise ideas and beneficient heart.

  7. Well, I think that I'm the only person here who don't like this film. I'm literary forced myself to watch it in order to leave here my review. "A Christmas Carol" should be a fairy tale, and this movie is similar to some sort of zombie show. To my mind, though I can find some moral here, I can't consider this to be a Christmas film. Christmas film should be beautiful and inspiring, but not weird. I think that a fairy tale where "a kind fairy" beats the main hero, seems strange. Of course, I understand that the filmmakers wanted "Scrooged" to be a modern interpretation of Dickens's story, but modern doesn't mean frightful.

  8. "You have to do something, you have to take a chance, you do have to get involved. There are people that are having trouble making their miracle happen. There are people who don't have enough to eat, there are people that are can go out and say "hello" to these people. You can take an old blanket out of the closet and say "here" you can make them a sandwich and say "oh by the way here!" I get it now! If you give, then it can happen...then the miracle can happen to you. It's not just the poor and hungry, it's everybody who's got to have this miracle!! And it can happen tonight for all of you! If you believe in this spirit thing, the miracle will happen and then you'll want it to happen again tomorrow. You won't be one of those (Scrooges) who says Christmas is once a year and it's a's not! It can happen every've just got to want that feeling. And if you like it and you want it you'll get greedy for'll want it every day of your life, and it can happen to you. I believe in it now! I believe it's gonna happen to me now, and I'm ready for it. It's great! It's a good's better than I've felt in a long time! I'm ready....have a Merry Christmas, everyone."
    From the movie "Scrooged" (1988)
    I like this movie because it's really fun comedy. I should stress the acting.There were some bad performances and some good ones. Bill Murray mainly stole the role as Frank Cross, the Scrooge of this movie. He did a fine job. The other shiners would be John Forsythe as Lew Hayward, Karen Allen as Claire Phillips, John Glover as Brice Cummings, and David Johansen as the Ghost of Christmas Past.All in all,i like the film because of the feelings I got after watching it.