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Monday, 24 December 2012


Week 4 was the first to reveal a tendency to multi-commenting. In most online societies it is regarded as flooding, which is a cyber-offence and  as such it is penalised.

By making numerous commentaries to posts, esp. early in the week, you discourage other participants in many ways:
by exhausting the subject matter
by making others  read all your stuff to leave a comment or a reply
by turning the competion into a farce.

So here is the PENALTY for week 4.

If you post more than 5 commentaries per post, each of them is 1 point!
If you post 5 or fewer comments, each of them is 2 points!

If you score more than 10 BONUS points per week, each of them brings only 0,1 point to your subtotal.
If you score 10 or fewer  BONUS points per week, each of them brings  0,2 point to your subtotal.

1  Павлова Мария47,7 
2      Леонова Елизавета40,1
3  Стрельцова Анастасия39,9
  Пыженко Юлия
 Ворожейкина Дарья

6-7   Трушина Маргарита
   Демидова Ирина

Here is the list of all the participants (Wow, we were 24!!!)

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