Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, be plenteous in mercy is to have the real spirit of Christmas. Calvin Coolidge.

Sunday, 16 December 2012


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  1. "The Family man" is my favorite film! It is a special Christmas story of the man (Jack) who has everything in his life except the most important thing: he hasn't got a family. And Christmas is the chance for him to understand that you can't be happy with your life if you have not got close people to share your happiness with. Love is very significant in people's lives. That is why at the end of the film Jack finds his beloved, a girl, who he left 13 years ago.
    By the way the film is full of funny jokes which keep me laughing and smiling during watching it.

  2. "New Year's Eve " is a great film! It really makes me believe in miracles! A single woman with her wish-list, two families, who desired to get money for their children, a young girl, dreaming of her first kiss, a man, who hated New Year and a backing vocalist, who desired to be a famous singer, a man, who was waiting for his mysterious beloved and an old man, who's last wish was to see a New Year's ball. All these people are different, but they are linked by a magic spirit of New Year's Eve.

  3. I remember, about 2 years ago my mother advised me to watch "The Family Man" with Nicolas Cage, and we spent a wonderful time then. Truly, now it's one of my favourite Cchristmas movies, and I'm glad we're offered to watch it, as I don't think anyone'll be disappointed.
    Now, a short summary of the plot. Some years ago Jack Campbell, bright and ambitious, left his girlfriend Kate to try his fortune in the New York City and later completely forgot about her. Now he is a prosperous businessman, a head of a large company, lonely, but self-sufficient. Once, on the Christmas Eve, he helps a young lottery contestant Cash. In the conversation between them Jack hastily claims everybody'd be glad to take his place and lead his way of life. As a result, the next day he wakes up in an unknown house and finds that he's married to Kate, has 2 children with her and works as a tire salesman. I believe it doesn't worth telling you how he got used to these new roles - you should better see it yourselves!
    So, I can say that "The Family Man" is a nice family film, very touching, sometimes sad and sometimes funny - in short, just what we often need to watch to feel Christmas coming.

  4. I watched 'New Year's Eve' in the cinema. And it amazed me so much!! The atmosphere of the film is so warming, friendly, loving, funny and it's easily makes you feel the holiday. That's why you cannot remember from what moment you've been involved in the action.
    In New Year's Eve couples expecting an addition to their families, and a mother too caring her teenage daughter, a courier with varied interests, a bit strange secretary, the famous chef, a famous singer and aspiring singer, the patient and his nurse; a person hating New Year. All these people are very different but ate the same time they all have a bond, and somehow all their dreams come true. As always in such movies. And it can't but make glad.

    Of course the idea of the film is not a new and fresh one, but if you want to cheer up, to get positive emotions or just to relax, this film is perfect for you.

  5. The Family Man is one of the best films for me.I Loved this movie when i was a kid now in 2013 in my 20s...and this movie will always share a special place in my heart. I just wish that the world today was as innocent as it was back then.Thank you for making me remember the good times.

  6. 'Borrowed Hearts' is one of my favorite new year's eve films. I've already watched it in my childhood, so till tomorrow I remembered only some separate moments. Now, having watched the film again, I felt as if I was in childhood, carefree, full of miracles and bright colors. Like all movies, this one shows us that all our wishes can come true in Christmas time, if you really believe in it, as Zoey believed. The girl was so looking forward to see her father, and the whole family to live in a big house, as her puppet. She really believed in the fulfillment of this desire that one day it started to come true. Time passed imperceptibly for me; and there was a feeling as if I was right there, in the film, and came to the girl's feelings.

  7. Borrowed Hearts is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. My mom, sister and I have to watch it every year. You can now buy the DVD of this movie or watch it on tv during the Christmas season. It stars Roma Downey, Hector Elizondo, and Eric McCormack(from Will and Grace).
    The movie is about a very successful business man who is mean and selfish. He is trying to get a deal passed with another company. His assistant tells the leader of the other company that his boss has a family, thinking people like family men better.

    However it backfires when the leader of the other company wants to meet his family. So Eric’s character has to hire a family to present to the other owner. Roma Downey and her daughter get picked to play the part.

    It is only supposed to be for a couple of days but their guest stays longer. This movie is so great!! I love it! Definitely a must for the Christmas season.

  8. 'New Year's Eve'is very kind,touching and romantic film! I watched it last year in the cinema.This is a good holiday movie! It makes you remember why you celebrate New Year with family and the magic that comes with the holiday!
    Great overall message of take this New Year as an opportunity of forgetting the negative past and begin a new present.This film shows that holiday becomes a holiday due to people, who help you, support and love.
    In New Year's Eve many people from different parts of New York with different problems and wishes are expected that their dreams come true.They believe in magic of the holiday!
    It is a great opportunity of seeing a movie that isn't driven by sex, violence and destruction!

  9. I was surprised how much I enjoy The family man. There are many charming scenes, with a holiday backdrop. Nicolas Cage plays the role with alot of sincerity. Tea Leoni has a lot of energy, and Don Cheadle is a very good actor.The movie is telling us a message that we all know and we also often say to others but not many of us really know the meaning of it. That whe should be happy for what we have and not what we could have had. The movie tell's us to stop for a while and really look around for a while and see what we have accomplished with our life.

  10. Well, I want to share my emotions about American comedy satire film, which is called "Trading Places". The film tells the story of an upper class commodities broker (Dan Aykroyd) and a homeless street hustler. Broadcasting of this film is very popular on STS channel in Russia, during these magic holidays in winter. It's not an ordinary story about Christmas of New Year miracle, as we can see, but on the other hand , this story History strictly adheres the structure of good American movie, the initial failure, the beginning of a new life, the joys and sorrows, new love and new enemies, intrigues and vanity. Duke brothers, old and cruel tycoons made a wager of the "usual amount" and agree to conduct an experiment switching the lives of two people at opposite sides of the social hierarchy and observing the results . But Louis and Billy , two extra-different people, had to to join their forces in order to bring back Louis's business position and money, and Billy's old nonchalance and simplicity of life. A satirical drama about a dispute which has changed the life of two people, a film about the harsh realities and carefree existence. Comedian played here two real people whose lives have been turned critically in the other direction, and acting talent of Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy and their amazing dialoguse, this comedy movie is really interesting work of John Landis.

  11. Sorry, something was wrong with my internet for several days, so I can't comment on my impression on films I have watched. so, now, here they are:

    The first film I have chosen is “the Family Man”. I have watched it before, and rewatched it yesterday with great pleasure. Undoubtedly, the film is one of the most favorite ones for me as it perfectly raises the problem and importance of family values. In spite of the fact it is humorous one and very easy to watch, at the same time it makes you think about your own life and decisions you made, make and will make. I like so much the setting and the main idea of the film, so it doesn’t matter that there are no special effects or the breathtaking plot. I think the absence of all this ballyhoo and unnecessary “tinsel” is even its advantage. It lets you concentrate of the real message of the film. After the viewing, either in the first time I watched it (about 5 years ago) or now, I feel sincere affection and can’t stop myself smiling for a minute…

  12. I watched the film “New Year’s Eve” some time ago, but my impression on it is still fresh. The film is good as a whole and mostly thanks for its famous company of actors. The things I don’t kike in it are, first of all, the great number of boring monologues and ,what makes matters worse, they consist of trite Holluwoodish speech, which is too hackneyed to “appeal to the heart and to the mind.” I expected to see the very good comedy and waiting for non-stop jokes and my laughing, but it turned into the strange mixture of drama and comedy. However, all in all, the film is not so bad. I like the great number of different story lines, especially with Sarah Jessica Parker one which tell us about her uneasy relationships with her rebellious daughter. In spite of the fact “New Year’s Eve” is one-time viewing film, it creates feelings that holidays are coming soon.